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10 Best Affordable Vacations | All-Inclusive Tropical

10 Best Affordable Vacations
 10 Best Affordable VacationsAs the beginning of spring approaches, a lot of us have warmer weather on our mind. The prospect of taking a tropical vacation to someplace relaxing and sunny is so good, you could practically sit there and fantasize about it for hours. Before you start shopping for your swimsuit, though, you have to decide where you’re...

Extreme Couponing Is Seriously Hard

Extreme Couponing
 Have you ever seen that show Extreme Couponing on TLC? If you haven’t, try to catch an episode the next time it’s on. What you’ll see is simply baffling. The men and women featured on this show take clipping coupons to the most ridiculous level. They plan their purchases meticulously, they spend hours at the store making sure their tabulations...

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