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Saving Money 101

saving money 101
From mounting bills to skyrocketing expenses to just everyday life, it can be hard to scrounge away a few dollars for a rainy day. We’re all told how important it is to save for the future and our retirement, but sometimes that goal feels more like a dream. Recent numbers show people ages 55-64 only have $12,000 saved for...

Grocery Shopping Saving Tips

Grocery Shopping Saving Tips
 How many times have you run into the grocery store to just grab a “couple of things” and come out spending $100 or more? You swore it wasn’t going to be a “big shopping”. You look in your trunk and wonder what you just bought. Lobster? Nope. Filet Mignon? Nope. Just the basic staples…bread, milk, veggies, some meats, snacks…nothing great. Yet, you...

Department Store vs. Drugstore Makeup

Makeup.Many women wear it. Some women just go to their local drugstore to stock up on foundation, powder, eye shadow, etc. Others wouldn’t even think about it. It’s department store makeup or bust for them.Which category do you fall into?Many of us, myself included, are a little bit of both. There are some products where I think department store...

Expensive Beauty Treatments: Worth the Price or Too Much Hype?

Pumpkin Facials, Blueberry Soy Firming Wrap, Spa Manicures and Pedicures…they all sound like slices of heaven, right? Well, those “slices” will most likely cost you the entire cake. Beauty treatments at spas don’t come cheap, even if you happen to have a coupon. Trust me, I know. I love going to the spa, but sometimes I wonder if the...

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