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Liesha's a freelancer by day and Kyokushin Black Belt by night. A late-blooming academic, she's happiest teaching business at UoPeople. Liesha's the author of Killing Rapunzel: Learning How to Save Yourself Through Determination, Grit, and Self-Employment (her mother hates the title - but it's a metaphor mom!). She talks business at Microbusiness Essentials and everything else at Liesha Petrovich.Get in touch with Liesha on Twitter.

After a Financial Crisis: Keeping a Minimalist Approach to Money

Life isn’t easy.Sure, understatement of the year. But sometimes life throws a curveball at you that sends your life spinning out of control.It’s when everything changes.I’ve lived through many crises that taught me a few hard lessons. One of the most difficult was surviving the recession that started in December 2007. Not only was my business in danger of...

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