10 Amazing & Affordable Tuscany Towns


If you are one of the lucky ones that get to travel to Italy, you will want to be sure to include a visit to these affordable Tuscany towns. Most people think that Italy is too expensive, but if you plan ahead and save, you can make it happen. Because flights are typically the most expensive part of any trip overseas, you may want to check out online travel auctions.

Tuscany is full of vineyards, olive groves, rolling green landscapes, and mountains. There are so many architectural gems that you will never have enough time to see all of them in one visit.

If you are willing to do some walking, then your choices for sightseeing are limitless. The natural beauty abounds in the landscapes that include palaces, gardens, churches, and medieval castles. Almost every town in Tuscany has a museum.

Amazing & Affordable Tuscany Towns

#1 Florence – no trip to Tuscany would be complete without a stop in Florence to view some of the most amazing buildings and structures that have been standing for generations. It is cheaper to stay outside of the historical center, so you may consider staying within the city and outside of Florence or in the surrounding countryside. For budget places to stay, click here.

To get the most out of your visit, try one of the many tours offered throughout Florence including food tours, guided walking tours, wine tasting tours, and bike tours. No matter which one you choose, there is something for everyone.

#2 Siena – Siena is a lovely medieval city located in the center of Tuscany making it easy to get to from the other cities in the region by bus, train or car. Take time to stroll through the city where you can find an abundance of food choices and local handicrafts. Tips for  visiting Siena in a day.

#3 Chianti – wine tasting offers something for everyone. The impressive scenery is enough reason to visit, but why not experience the rows of grapes and olive groves where you will find countless places to stop and take photos. You will find numerous vineyards both small and large where you can stop and tour the wine cellars or “cantinas” to sample some excellent wines.

#4 Lucca – is easy to get to by car or train from either Florence or Pisa, making it one of the most affordable Tuscany towns for anyone traveling exclusively on public transportation. Top places to eat in Lucca.

#5 Cortona – is a small charming town in southern Tuscany. Stone walls enclose the city dating back to Roman and Etruscan times. The great feature of Cortona is that it sits on the top of a hill almost 1700 feet above sea level, so the views are spectacular of the entire town and the surrounding valley.

#6 Volterra – is a precious town situated in the province of Pisa, not far from Siena, Florence and the coast. Also, known as the ‘city of Alabaster,’ this charming town invites you to step back in time to enjoy the timeless atmosphere, and take a walk through the historical center.  Taste some local food and visit the handicraft workshops, where you’ll find some great souvenir ideas. Be sure to stop by the alabaster museum.

#7 San Gimignano – a small village surrounded by a wall that sits about halfway between Siena and Florence. This village is famous for its captivating medieval architecture and multiple towers that rise above every other building and gives you a remarkable view of the city from the surrounding valley. For things to do in San Gimignano, click here.

#8 Versilia Beaches – If you’re looking for a beach getaway in one of the affordable Tuscany towns, then the full length of the Versilia is the best place for a beach vacation. You will find beautiful waters and a clean sandy coastline. Versilia Beaches for all budgets,

#9 Pisa – you have the architectural wonder known as the Tower of Pisa. Building began in 1173. The tower leans because it was built on unstable soil. The tower had started to tilt, due to the south side sinking, even before workers had completed the third level!

#10 Pistoia – is one of the affordable Tuscany towns located in northern Tuscany, halfway between Florence and Lucca. The province of Pistoia is relatively large, and the scenery is spectacular with flat valleys, hills and mountain areas. Outdoors and sports lovers can enjoy the Pistoia Mountains in the summer and the winter when the ski slopes and lifts are open. Parks and gardens in Pistoia.

Remember, any trip you take can be as minimal or as elaborate as you want to make it. If you plan your destinations, lodging choices and itinerary beforehand, you can have an affordable vacation under the Tuscan sun. Choose your destinations and travel through some affordable Tuscany towns on a budget. Some of these cities are tourist magnets, so keep your budget in mind and focus on the sights instead of the wares.