10 Best Travel Blogs 2015


Best Travel Blog #1

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt gives all kinds of excellent advice through his blogs. Read about “How to Find a Cheap Flight” to “The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You Have No Money.” He has written several books and guides to help you on your adventures around the world.

Best Travel Blog #2

The Savvy Backpacker

The Savvy Backpacker is a great resource for backpacking specifically in Europe. It tells you how to do it on a budget and efficiently. You can find daily costs for visiting many cities in Europe, the best hostels to stay in, and the cheapest way to get from place to place. Make traveling Europe on a budget a reality instead a of dream.

Best Travel Blog #3

The Blonde Abroad

I love the Blonde Abroad because it reminds me of me in another lifetime. Basically, if you are a female who is a little unsure of the best practices to take while traveling, you need to read this. She gives advice on what to wear while traveling, the best adventures for different countries, and how to travel in your own way.

Best Travel Blog #4

Adventurous Kate

The title says it all. Kate did that thing we all dream of doing – quit her job and travel the world. Live vicariously through her travels when reading this blog. Kate really does have some adventures you will love reading about – A day trip from Andorra to Barcelona, trying all of the best pizza in Chicago, and snorkeling with sharks in Belize are just a few to browse.

Best Travel Blog #5

The Poor Traveler

Traveling on a budget? Check. Many different points of view? Check. All areas of the World? Check. Read about many different people’s experiences on this travel blog and then pick a country to try it on your own. These people all have the same motto, “traveling at any cost.” Don’t forget to read about our own cheap flight secrets as well.

10 Best Travel Blogs
10 Best Travel Blogs

Best Travel Blog #6

Have Baby. Will Travel.

This is the ultimate blog for families with young children who have an itch to travel but think they can’t. This blog truly shows you how to do it, and do it the right way. You really can take your young infants and children with you while enjoying other places around the world. Check it out, moms and dads.

Best Travel Blog #7

Souvenir Finder

Is anyone else a super fan of trinkets, gadgets, and gizmos? Knick-knacks and pattywhacks? I love ’em and can’t get enough of ’em. Kristin travels, shows her pictures worth a thousand words, and  examples of the best items to take home with you.

Best Travel Blog #8

Travel Dudes

These travelers leave you with a taste for adventure. They truly show you the real ins and outs of traveling with no fear. There are blogs about Dune Bashing in Dubal, How to Haggle Like a Pro, and How to Hike up Mt. St. Helens. Sweet, dude!

Best Travel Blog #9

Tips for Family Trips

When your children are old enough to actually remember where they’ve been, find some places here. There are tips on the best places to visit for each age group, the best places for each season, and what your children will love and hate about traveling the world.

Best Travel Blog #10

P.S. I’m On My Way

Trisha gives you an honest view of the places she has been, amazing photography, and how she does travel by picking up small jobs (house-sitting, family stay, teaching English, and more). A true self-discovery blog that will make anyone have a heart for visiting a foreign land.