10 of the Most Unique Food Trucks in the Country


If you’ve just finished watching Chef for the hundredth time, and consider “Off the Grid” fine dining, this article is  for you! Actually, this if you have taste buds, a sense of adventure, and a love of street food, this is for you as well. Food trucks have become their own culture in recent years and the result is crave-worthy cuisine that foodies can’t get enough of.  Every state has their own star food truck, and with so many options it’s hard to argue which is the best of the best. So instead, we’ve highlighted the top 10 Unique Food Trucks in the Nation for you to visit.

Kogi Food Truck (Photo: designindaba.com)

  • Kogi

Los Angeles, CA

Kogi is infamous in Los Angeles thanks to their unique blend of Mexican and Korean flavors. Their food truck menu includes customer favorites like the spicy pork burrito and the short rib taco. Did we mention there’s a Sriracha candy bar?

Bacon Bacon Food Truck (Photo: sfsugatorgroup.com)

  • Bacon Bacon

San Francisco, CA

If someone tells you they don’t like bacon, we recommend getting rid of them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Instead, visit San Francisco’s killer food truck “Bacon, Bacon”, serving up…well…bacon. You can order it on a sandwich with pork belly, stuffed into a taco or straight up with their bacon bouquet.

Mac Mart Buffalo Mac & Cheese (Photo: temple-news.com)

  • Mac Mart Truck

Philadelphia, PA

Feeling reminiscent of childhood favorites like tater tots, fried onions, and mac and cheese? Well at Mac Mart Truck you are free to release your inner child. Enjoy classic American Mac and Cheese with custom additions like Cornbread, Philly Cheesesteak, BBQ Chicken, and even ketchup. The combinations are endless and incredibly delicious.

Jogasaki Spicy Salmon Sushi Burrito (Photo: pogogi.com)

  • Jogasaki

Los Angeles, CA

Finally! The Sushi God’s and the Burrito God’s have come together and created what may be the only food group you’ll ever need: The Sushirrito. Jogasaki is literally serving up burrito sized sushi rolls with flavor combo like the Spicy Salmon Delight, Spicy Tuna Nacho, and deep fried Jalapeno Bombs stuffed with spicy tuna.

Wafel & Dinges Food Truck (Photo: roaminghunger.com)

  • Wafels & Dinges

New York, NY

Get your Belgian on with Wafels & Dinges authentic selection of Brussels and Liege Waffles and Dinges (toppings). The food truck is basically a waffle bar designed for a mad man with toppings like Nutella, dulce de leche and Speculoos cookie spread. There are also options like bacon, pulled pork and chili con carne waffles for those who prefer to go savory.

Maximus/Minimus Food Truck (Photo: roaminghunger.com)

  • Maximus/Minimus

Seattle, WA

The age old adage “Sweet or Spicy?” is yours to take on at Maximus/Minimus. Each menu item has its own adaptation to choose from. Will you go with “Maximus” the bolder, spicier selection or “Minimus” the sweeter, tangier option? Either way, the trucks sandwich options will have your mouth watering.

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck (Photo: tastychronicles.com)

  • Big Gay Ice Cream

New York, NY & Philadelphia, PA

You love your soft serve ice cream, but have you had your soft serve with olive oil and blood orange infused chocolate syrup? We didn’t think so. New York’s Big Gay Ice Cream Truck are the masterminds behind such gourmet creations as the Bea Arthur (soft served drizzled in rich Dulce de Leche Ice Cream) and the Salty Pimp (Soft served vanilla ice cream, topped dulce de leche and sea salt that is then chocolate dipped). You may have as much fun ordering these ice creams as you do eating them.

Fire Truck Crepes (Photo: foodservicewarehouse.com)

  • Fire Truck Crepes

Denver, CO

Forget what you think you know about food trucks. This family run business comes to you straight out of a repurposed fire truck serving up delicious sweet and savory crepes. The menu includes classics like Lemon Sugar French Crepes alongside new creations like the Gushroom (Sauteed mushrooms, garlic, asparagus and caramelized onions with melted brie cheese).

Turtle and Nutella Dream Milkshakes at Beavers Coffee + Donuts (Photo: Yelp)

  • Beavers Coffee + Donuts

Chicago, IL

Your normal coffee and donut break gets a major upgrade with this Chi-Town food truck. Menu items include S’mores coffee topped off with chocolate, marshmallow sauce, and graham cracker crumbles, and Reese’s inspired donuts.

Gourmet Hot Dogs from Natedogs (Photo: newsok.com)

  • Natedogs

Minneapolis, MN

How can we talk about street food without including hot dogs? Natedogs has been considered one of the best hot dogs in the country by eater.com, and for good reason. These dogs are topped off with made from scratch beer mustards, caramelized onions, and relishes that will make you want to mic drop.