5 Awesome and Thrilling Skywalks Around the World


Skywalks are becoming increasingly popular and even more accessible. Let’s face it, we love the feeling of being on top of the world. If you are looking to do something a little daring and more than ordinary on your next vacation, why not tackle one of these thrilling skywalks. From suspension bridges to glass boxes to walking around the ledge of an extremely tall tower, the choices are endless. If it is thrills you are seeking look no further than these 5 amazing skywalks located across the globe. Plus the view from the top isn’t half bad either.

5 Awesome and Thrilling Skywalks Around the World

  1. The Ledge, Chicago, USA

Go up 110 stories above downtown Chicago to experience one of the most thrilling skywalks in the world. Four glass boxes make up ‘The Ledge’ located in the Willis Tower. Over a million people visit these boxes annually, which protrude 4.3 feet out into the air. The Ledge has been home to many proposals and people can even get married. On a clear sunny day it is possible to see four different states over 50 miles. Not for the weak of heart, these glass boxes truly make it feel as you are standing in thin air.

2. The Sky Walk at Tianmen Mountain, China

This sky walk is part cliff hanging walkway and part glass skywalk. Visitors here will have the opportunity to cling to the mountainside as they walk the 1.6km walkway. Beautiful mountain views await walkers during the entire bridge. The highest section of the bridge is the glass skywalk and runs 60m long. On a clear sunny day visitors can see the sheer drop, thousands of feet below them. This walk truly gives the feeling of walking on air and visitors who don’t have nerves of steel can often be found hugging the cliff side as they navigate the glass part. Dubbed as one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, there is no better way to explore Tianmen Mountain.

3. Dachstein Stairway to Nothingness, Austria

Visitors will need nerves of steel to walk this 328 foot long suspension bridge. The glass platform floats 1,300 feet above the treacherous Austrian Alps and is reached by first crossing the suspension bridge and then descending 14 steps from the cliff face surrounded by glass walls. The view that visitors are treated to is magnificent, Austria’s Dachstein glacier and the stunning mountainous landscapes. It took six months to build this structure and it is currently the highest in Austria. Time to swallow that fear and conquer the Alps in a whole new way.

4. Glacier Skywalk, Alberta, Canada

Located on the icefields parkway, this skywalk is home to the best views in Canada. Banff and Jasper National Park borders this metal walkway and glass viewing platform. Suspended 720 feet above ground visitors will gain an understanding of the glaciology, wildlife, flora and fauna that is below. An interactive story-telling experience paves the way for a new kind of skywalk that combines thrills, exceptional views and education. Operating from May until October this new attraction has garnered the attention of thousands of visitors already.

5. Skypoint Climb, Queensland, Australia

Hailed as Australia’s highest external building climb this skywalk is more climbing stairs than anything. It is a total of 298 stairs to be exact up to the top of the Q1 tower. If you have ever wanted to experience panoramic views of the Gold Coast, here is where you will find it. The thrill comes from the 270 meter sheer vertical drop that visitors look down on as they climb. Participants will be rewarded by reaching the platform that provides uninterrupted views of the Queensland Coast. You haven’t seen the coast until you have seen it from 322 meters in the air.