5 Places to Visit While Still Single


To travel single is to indulge one’s self. And if you have courage to take the plunge it’s something you won’t regret. Whether you want to party hard in a hot sunny destination where the drinks keep flowing and the bars never close, or whether you want to find inner peace in a tranquil setting where reading a book on the beach all day is encouraged; there is a place for every single traveler in this world. These destinations are full of adventure, relaxation and friendly locals and fellow travelers that will make you feel at home. When you need some time alone; pack your bags, hop on a plane and explore the five best places to travel when single.

Miami, Florida

This is a party destination where there is no shortage of single people all ready to dance, drink and hit the clubs. Head to South Beach where you will find no shortage of velvet rope lined nightclubs with the hippest DJ’s. Bask in the sun on Miami Beach where countless events and activities run year round. But be prepared to open your wallet in this town; this is not for the backpacker. Hotels will be a major expense but if you want the royal treatment, book yourself into one that offers a spa and bask in the glory.

Bali, Indonesia

Yoga on the beach, temples and ruin, beach huts, beautiful beaches and clear waters. Bali is full of spiritual seekers, backpackers and international travelers. It is the perfect getaway for anyone seeing a little alone time in their life. The Balinese people are known to be friendly, welcoming and make you feel right at home. Rent a motorbike, take a stroll through town or raft down the Ayung River for a little adventure. Filled with local markets, celebrations and temples like none other; Bali is the perfect place to relax, unwind and really find your inner Zen.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

If you are looking to do some surfing, yoga, eat on the cheap and find other fellow free spirit travelers you want to head to this Nicaraguan surf town. This authentic beach town attracts young, unattached travelers from all over the world. Throw in world class waves, hostels that feel more like family houses and breathtaking beauty. It is easy to hop on a local bus with other travelers and find your way around the country. If you can pick up a little Spanish before you head here it will make traveling that much easier.

Ibiza, Spain

If you want to party until the sun comes up this notorious party destination is ideal for the single traveler. It’s filled with colorful clubs that run all night long, booming house and trance music and single people having the time of their lives. When you are in a serious relationship the post vacation recovery time and clubs filled with singles will make you cringe so the time to visit is now. White sand beaches, sunny skies and the party of a lifetime make this the hottest singles destination.

New York City, New York

It is hard to feel alone when you are immersed in a city that’s home to more than 18 million people. This concrete jungle is packed with so much to do you won’t have time to even remember that you’re traveling single. Now is the time to spoil your single self and dine out at a world renowned restaurant (If you feel overwhelmed by dining single, make reservations at non-peak times) or catch that Broadway Show you have always wanted to see. There isn’t a better place in the world to check out the nightlife than in the “city that never sleeps”.