5 Unnecessary Kitchen Appliances


Walk up and down the aisles of your favorite home store and you’ll see dozens of kitchen appliances that have the best intentions of simplifying your life. So, you give in and buy one…or three. After a few months of using them, or not using them, you realize they have no purpose. Not only have they wasted your money, but they’ve also wasted kitchen counter space which is just as valuable!  What are some of these unnecessary kitchen appliances?

Let’s start with the Smoothie Maker. Guilty as charged. I thought this appliance was going to make me a smoothie queen! After not using it for two years, I finally took it out of the box and took the plastic off.  It was pretty anti-climactic. I never realized how much it resembled my blender.

unnecessary kitchen appliances
Ditch the Smoothie Maker & use a blender for smoothies.

Why did I buy this machine in the first place? Oh yeah, to make smoothies. I wish I would have noticed the “smoothie” button on my blender before investing in the Smoothie Maker. Once I tried it out I quickly realized it didn’t make my smoothie any better. Learn from my mistake, skip the Smoothie Maker and just use the blender. This is one of the unnecessary kitchen appliances for sure.

On the same trend as the Smoothie Maker comes its cousin, the Quesadilla Maker. Don’t clog up your cabinets or counters with this one. This little appliance doesn’t do anything different than a griddle and spatula will do.

unnecessary kitchen appliances
A simple griddle makes a great quesadilla.

You still prepare the quesadilla the same way. Tortilla, cheese, fillings, and another tortilla are all you need. Don’t let the triangle indentations fool you. You still have to cut the quesadilla with a knife. You’re better off with your basic griddle to make quesadillas because it actually melts the cheese better.

What about a rice cooker? It should make rice easier to cook, right? Is rice really that hard to make that it needs its own special appliance? I think not.

unnecessary kitchen appliances
Skip the rice cooker & just boil water.

The only thing some rice cookers will do is keep the rice warm for a few hours. Who wants rice that’s been hanging around for hours? Instead of a rice cooker, just boil water in a sauce pan. Whether you use minute rice or regular rice, it doesn’t take long to cook in a pan. If you really want rice again in a few hours you can heat up leftovers or just boil more water. Leave the rice cooker at the store.

Another kitchen appliance you can leave at the store is the popcorn machine. Sure it may look fun, but is it worth it? The answer is no. You can make popcorn in the microwave or use a saucepan.

unnecessary kitchen appliances
Skip the popcorn machine! Use a pan or microwave instead.

There is no reason to buy a machine to just make popcorn, even if you make popcorn every day! It’s just another waste of space and money.

Speaking of wastes of space and money, add the electric can opener to the list. While it may not take up as much space as some of the other offenders, it is still an unnecessary kitchen appliance. You can open a can just as well, if not better with an old-fashioned manual can opener. Our great-grandparents and their parents never had electric can openers and they seemed to get cans open just fine.

unnecessary kitchen appliances
A manual can opener will get the job done!

An electric can opener is just another one of those appliances meant to make our lives easier. How hard is it to open a can anyway? I think we can all survive just fine with a manual can opener. If the power goes out, that electric can open isn’t going to be of much help, is it?

When deciding whether to buy a kitchen appliance you should ask yourself how you can achieve the same result using items you already have at home. If the answer is pretty simple then you know it’s just another unnecessary kitchen appliance.