7 Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks


7 Inexpensive Beauty Tips & Tricks

We all know beauty treatments and products can be expensive. But, they really don’t have to break the bank. Not everyone can afford hitting the spa or nail salon every few weeks. Luckily, there are so many inexpensive beauty tips and tricks out there that work just as good if not better.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #1: Baking Soda Wonders

Baking soda has so many more uses than just in the kitchen. We all know it can help clean surfaces. Did you know it can also help deep clean your hair? Don’t waste money on clarifying shampoos. Instead, hit the grocery store for a box of baking soda for less than a dollar. Mix two teaspoons with one cup of water. Use this mixture as a clarifying shampoo.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #2: Strawberry Acne Fighter

beauty tips and tricks
Strawberries are a great acne fighter

Acne treatments can add up. Whether they’re over the counter or prescription, many skin creams aren’t cheap. But, strawberries are. They are part of a one of the hidden beauty tips and tricks out there. Mix ¼ cup of strawberries with a ¼ cup of sour cream or yogurt. Put it on your face and wait 15 minutes. Rinse it off. The acid in the strawberries will help fight pimples.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #3: Potatoes for Puffy Eyes

beauty tips and tricks
Try potatoes for puffy eyes

Did you have a tough night sleeping? Don’t waste money with under eye creams that cost a fortune. Grab a potato out of the pantry. Slice ‘em up and put them on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #4: Vaseline for Dry Skin

There are so many creams that promise to fix that broken and dry skin. One of the best beauty tips and tricks lies in a jar of Vaseline. It’s cheap and does the trick just as well. If you have dry and cracked feet, put on some Vaseline at night and then put socks on. Sleep this way. When you wake up you’ll notice a difference. The best part is that Vaseline is pretty cheap compared with creams.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #5: Soft Skin for Tweezing

If you tweeze your eyebrows at home, you know it can be a little painful. To soften skin dab a cotton ball with some cream and warm water. Pat it on your brows. This will ease the pain when you’re taking the hairs out. Remember this as one of the beauty tips and tricks because your skin will thank you later.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #6: Remove Nail Polish the Right Way

Sometimes getting that nail polish can mean using way too much nail polish remover and cotton balls. Here’s a trick: Hold a cotton ball saturated with nail polish remover on the nail for a few seconds. Then wipe it clean. Don’t start off scrubbing. If you do, you’ll use way too much in the way of supplies.

Inexpensive Beauty Tips and Tricks #7: Freeze Your Eyeliner

If your eyeliner tends to crumble when you put it on, stick it in the freezer for fifteen minutes before you apply it. This will make it easier to put it on and save you from continuously buying new eyeliners.

If you follow these beauty tips and tricks, you’ll get great results and save a few bucks in the process. That is a beautiful thing, don’t you think?