8 Great Gifts For Him – Under $50


Guys are notoriously hard to shop for, to come of with a great gift the easiest thing to do is narrow down your father, brother, husband or boyfriend’s interests, and then get them something that aligns with them.  There’s no need to be overly sentimental or break the bank — unless your guy is really into that kind of stuff.

Not sure where to start looking?  We’ve got a few selections picked out that will suit a variety of interests, and all for under $50!

Great Gifts For Him: Personalized whiskey barrel

If your beau is a sucker for whiskey, he’ll go nuts for this two-liter oak whiskey barrel that’s stamped with his initials.  He’ll be proud to display it in his man cave or on the bar and he can serve from it too, since it has a built-in spigot.

Great Gifts For Him: Quadcopter mini drone

Who wouldn’t get a kick out of piloting a drone around the backyard?  They’re charming and fun in the same way RC helicopters enchanted us during childhood.  It can zoom around in any direction you choose and has a rechargeable battery for waste-free fun.

Great Gifts For Him: Luxury shaving set

Shaving is not just a necessity, it’s an art form.  And it can be downright luxurious if you get your man the right equipment.  A genuine boar’s hair brush, monogrammed shaving mug, and gentle cleansing soap are included in this kit.  All you need it a brand new blade and for Valentine’s Day, someone will have the smoothest face ever.

Great Gifts For Him: Bluetooth headphones

No more cords, just Bluetooth technology and a comfortable over-the-ear design which provides total immersion in music, podcasts, or even video gaming.  You might even want to pick up a pair for yourself.

Great Gifts For Him: Home brewing kit

So, technically this craft beer brewing kit is $0.50 over the $50 limit, but if you can afford the splurge, you and your partner will reap the benefits in the form of delicious beer.  They say home-brewing is a bug that, once caught, can’t be un-caught, so beware.

Great Gifts For Him: Watch case

Is your guy into time pieces?  Then let him store and display them in all their glory.  This vintage-inspired case has spots for up to 12 watches, a clear top for easy viewing, and a key in case you need extra security.

Great Gifts For Him: Lightweight hiking backpack

For the outdoorsy man who needs to carry a lot of stuff on his back when he hits the woods or the hiking trail, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  Made from rip and water resistant nylon, it easily folds up when empty so you can fit it in your pocket if need be.

Great Gifts For Him: Leather satchel

Perfect for students, teachers, or any professional, for that matter.  A good, leather satchel makes everyone feel cool while lugging their essentials around town.  This one is big enough for a laptop, books, and other necessities.  It can be worn on the shoulder or across the body for ultimate style and comfort.


IMAGES: Amazon | Cosmopolitan