9 ways to save money on the Homestead


There are so many reasons why people choose to become homesteaders: from always fresh and domestic dishes, to flawless nature and enjoyment. But did you know that you can save money on the homestead? Lately, this may be one of the most important reasons why people opt for homesteading. Homesteading provides so many opportunities to save on expenses and really enjoy life, so here are some ways to save money on the homestead.

Low costs of nutrition

The basic thing that you learn about homesteading is cooking meals and not constantly eating food-to-go. Preparing fresh foods instead of buying meat can save you a few hundred a month. What’s also good is getting a habit of cooking and enjoying it. Not only it is more tasty than ready-to-eat foods and fast foods, but it’s also much healthier. You can also grow some of the food even if you do not have a green thumb. Try starting with a small garden and choose easy-to-grow plants like cherry tomatoes, peas, and greens. If you have a lot of food, you can keep it, food can be dehydrated, frozen, or canned and used later when your garden has slowed down for the season or food prices have gone up.

Take advantage of everything you have

This applies primarily to things that are around you, and you may not know how to use it. For example, pallets are beyond of useful on the homestead for a variety of projects: from chicken coops to making furniture, or you can build horse stalls from pallet wood. It is free and serves the purpose. Just before using them, make sure that the pallets are safe to use.

Preserving seedlings

This is perhaps the best way to save money for food. You’ll save money at the grocery store if you are growing the products you would normally buy there. Start your nutrition from seeds. Not only is this cheaper than growing with transplants, you’ll have more control over what you’re growing. Choose the best product from your garden every year and save the seeds to plant it next season.

Homemade meals

Using real food ingredients can save you money and your health (which also saves you money later on). Making your own bread, cheese and homemade meals takes a bit more time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run. When you fill your pantry full of your garden products, you will not be shopping for it later. The initial investment of canners and jars will pay off quickly when you can go to your larder instead of the grocery store.

Own beauty products

Did you know that you can buy a pack of lip balms or ingredients in the same value so you can make 4 or 5 times larger amount and then make it yourself? That’s right! There is nothing better than DIY products. Not mentioning you can make soap or sugar scrubs for half the price, and despite all of this, you are sure which ingredients are used for making it and you know it is really healthy.

Energy costs

By hanging out your laundry, doing laundry by hand and using hand-powered tools, you can significantly save money for monthly expenses. Not to mention all that extra manual work will burn calories which will get you into shape and make you feel better.

Product Decrease

Buy products when they are on a sale. Do not be afraid to buy 50 pounds of sugar or salt, if it’s on the sale, and don’t think you will not use it. It’s not something that can be spoiled, it’s being used on a daily basis, and since it’s bought on sale, you also saved some extra money.

Repair tools

This can also greatly help you and save you on expenses. This frugal activity is huge on the homestead, and not as hard to learn as it seems. Handheld tools are usually old and instead of buying a new tool, just reshape it and attach a new handle. Keep them away from corrosion and maintain it regularly. It’s a frugal and important skill for any homestead.

Save on medication

Learn herbal medicine to treat minor aches, illness and injuries. Use essential oils as a part of your natural medicine cabinet. There are so many medicinal plants that you did not even know how much power they have, and you have them in the environment. So, use it. This, of course, relates to easier forms of illnesses and flu.

Life on the homestead doesn’t seem so hard and boring now, right? We are sure that after reading the above you will want to spend some time there.


About the author:

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