Project Eve Money

Project Eve LLC is a digital publisher of some of the web’s best loved communities including the eponymous Project Eve, Getting Balance, Project Eve Moms and Project Eve Money. With a readership in excess of 1 million monthly uniques, Project Eve LLC marries a traditional ad-supported publishing model with a community blogging platform which encourages audience engagement and reader participation.

When co-founders Meridith Dennes and Kim Oksenberg stepped away from the corporate world to raise their families, they each experienced firsthand the professional and personal isolation of working outside traditional business structures. Yet, with more women starting businesses than ever before—and given the female knack for problem-solving through conversation—they realized such isolation was unnecessary, especially in the digital age. So, they created Project Eve.

Project Eve’s Promise:

You will not be charged any kind of fee or have to purchase any products or services in order to become a member in Project Eve.

Project Eve cultivates safe, trusted online communities where women can communicate, collaborate, and share actionable solutions. We advocate getting ahead togetherno sharp elbows, please.

Warm regards, 

Meridith and Kim