April is Double Your Income Month!

April is Double Your Income Month!



April is Double Your Income Month. My friends, my clients, and everyone I know are doing this. Join the party and get rich with us. We are going to double our income next month in front of your very eyes. This blog is going to explain to you how to take the first steps.

Double Your Income

DoublingYourIncomeandFreeTimeYou might say, “What- that’s absurd – I can’t double my income!” Well guess what. This is the mindset that you have to be in. Let’s look at what is going to be doubling in the future. If you don’t double your salary these things are still going to be going up on their own.


    • Inflation – think about how much money the trillion rounds of QE injected into our economic system. Where is all that money supply going to go?


    • Medical care


    • Rent


    • Subway


    • Gas


    • Oil


    • Raw material



Have I said enough or would you like to hear more? Okay so now are you convinced that you need to make more money? So let’s do it!


Here are the steps.


    1. Take your tablet, iPhone, or a piece of paper and write down the amount of money you are making in the month of March.


    1. Directly underneath it, right this sentence. “In the month of April, I am going to make [insert what amount you wrote in #1, multiplied by 2]


    1. List three things that you could possibly do to make more money. Now, I don’t care who you are. If you can walk, talk, write, read, put on makeup, make videos, clean, then you can make more money. If you are capable of taking action, you are capable of making more money. It’s not as hard as you think. Quit putting limits on yourself. You could write these three items:


    • I am going to make porcelain owls and sell them on Etsy


      • I am going to Tweet at people and say that I will answer any question they ask me about how to iron a business shirt for $5 per question


        • I am going to stand in the street and yell at people until they pay attention to me, and then tell them that I will clean their house for $20



        There’s a million ways you can make money. It’s just a matter of going for it.


        “Oh Sara, but I have KIDS. My kids, I have to take care of my kids.”


        This is the biggest scapegoat that I hear. You created these children and it is your responsibility to take care of them. It’s not their fault that they needed more time than you anticipated for their diaper changes etc. With money, you can pay people to do things like housework, shopping, picking the kids up from school, so that you can create more time to make more money.


        If you do not have enough time in the day, open up Microsoft Excel right now and make a list of all the things you spent time on today by 15 minutes and I guarantee you will realize that you are spending time on things like watching Dancing with the Stars or playing Angry Birds on your cell phone. “Oh yeah Sara, I forgot about that.” Or even worse, obsessing over things like aging or being overweight or having marital problems because of (guess what) financial strains on your household. All of these are money killers. Get them out of your life because they are negative and they are standing in between you and your prosperity. Dedicate this time instead to something positive, constructive, and accretive to your income.


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