Best Hybrid Bikes 2016


Before we start talking about the best hybrid bikes, let’s set the record straight about just what a hybrid bike is. A hybrid bike combines the best of road bikes, mountain bikes and touring bikes. The end result is your all-around bike that can pretty much withstand any condition. Whether you’re using it for exercise at home, or maybe even planning on taking it along on a vacation, you want a durable bike.

Best Hybrid Bikes: Schwinn Men’s Volare 1200 Bike

best hybrid bikes

Schwinn is a big name in the bicycle business, so it’s no surprise that it has some of the best bikes on the road. Take this Volare men’s model for instance. It has 21 speed EZ fire shifters. It also has Shimano rear derailleur for quick shifts. Don’t forget the alloy wheels and pull brakes. This bike is for the serious cyclist.

Best Hybrid Bikes: Schwinn Men’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bikes

Here’s another one from Schwinn that’s tops. The Wayfare model is about sixty dollars cheaper, but still has many features. There are alloy front and rear brakes. There are 7-speed shifters. One of the best things about this bike is the limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the bike. This should give you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Best Hybrid Bikes: Schwinn Women’s Siro 700c Hybrid Bicycle

best hybrid bikes

When it comes to the best hybrid bikes, this one needs to be on the list. It has a swept-back handlebar which can help you find the perfect position on your bike. The seat is also padded with a suspension seat post. There is also a 21-speed rear derailleur. With all these features (and more) this bike will cost you under $300.

Best Hybrid Bikes: Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bikes

Diamondback is another big name in the bike business. This 2015 Edgewood model has a suspension fork and seat position for added comfort. It also has a 21-speed drivetrain so there are gears for just about every type of surface. This bike sells for about $300, but it is built to last.

Best Hybrid Bikes: 700c Roadmaster Adventures Men’s Hybrid Bike

best hybrid bikes

Be the master of the road with this hybrid bike. It’s on the list of best hybrid bikes because of features like 18-speed twist shifters and alloy wheels. It ranks high for durability. Price wise you really can’t go wrong. This bike sells for under $150.





Before you start pedaling, do your homework and find the best bike for you. Happy cycling!