Create an At Home Spa Day on a Budget


After a day or week at work or at home with the kids, there’s nothing better than sinking into a warm bath. However, with the stress of the world on your shoulders, sometimes it can be hard to really relax. If you can’t afford to get away to a spa for some TLC, create your own at home spa day. From mud masks and bath salts to foot massagers and pedicure kits, you’ll finally be able to give yourself that relaxing treatment you deserve. Discover the 10 best products to create an at home spa day .

At Home Spa Day Tips – Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask

Instead of spending $50 a month for one facial, get a month’s worth of energizing eye masks for the same price. This eye mask is perfect for those dark circles or tired eyes. Each eye mask offers 15 minutes of depuffing and brightening. Use a mask a week to eliminate tired eyes.

At Home Spa Day Tips – Body Oil

If you can’t afford to get a massage every month, this body oil is perfect for some at home relaxation. Smooth it on after a relaxing bath to capture the moisture and leave your skin smooth and silky.  If you and a partner are ready enjoy a relaxing night together, this a good massage oil is perfect for working out muscle aches. Work into the skin for extra moisture after soaking in a hot bath.


At Home Spa Day Tips – Aroma Therapy Aromafloria Inhalation Beads

This aromatherapy is a great way to get back to a calm peaceful mindset  and relieve stress before bed. Unlike incense that can be harsh or strong, these lavender beads are filled with essential oils that target relaxation. Simply add to a diffuser or break a bead with your thumb and finger for an instant release of relaxing scent.

At Home Spa Day Tips – A Foot Spa

Skip the pricy salon pedicure and treat yourself at home whenever you want to. This foot spa includes bubbles, lights, and heat to help you relax and slough away dead skin for a silky smooth pedicure. Add in your favorite oils, soaks, or bubble bath for an extra touch of relaxation.

At Home Spa Day Tips – Dead Sea Mud Mask

When you’re in the mood to relax, don’t neglect your face. This mask washes away impurities. The mask uses anti-aging properties to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and younger instantly. Wear it while soaking in the bath or while doing your manicure or pedicure before washing it away to reveal younger skin.

At Home Spa Day Tips – The Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub

There’s nothing better than silky smooth skin, and with this scrub, you’ll get just that. Smooth onto skin while in the bath and wash away in the shower for extra skin smoothing. Use with some of the Body Shop’s body crèmes for luxurious feeling skin.

At Home Spa Day Tips – Fresh Sake Bath

This relaxing bath soak contains 50% sake to help you boost your circulation and detoxify your skin. The Fresh Sake Bath is on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it since a little goes a long way in your home spa. Add this to your bath water on the weekends to keep yourself feeling rejuvenated for the workweek.

At Home Spa Day Tips – Spa Pillow

If you plan on spending quite a while relaxing in the tub, don’t let the hard back hurt your neck and shoulders. The Original Gorilla Grip bath pillow is soft and large to help you relax without the pain. The dual panel offers neck and back support, and the top rated design works in any style tub.



At Home Spa Day Tips – LUSH Bubble Bar

LUSH bath products are not only 100% cruelty free and natural, but they are guaranteed to make your home spa experience even better. The LUSH Bubble Barscome in a variety of scents to help you relax, energize you for the day ahead, or just give you some fun. Break them apart under running water for tons of bubbles!


At Home Spa Day Tips –

HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine


The final touch to any at-home spa is the relaxing sounds that come with a professional visit. Unlike using your phone or computer, the HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine won’t get interrupted by calls or ads. It comes with six pre-recorded relaxing sounds to help you sink into a stress-free state.