How to Eat Clean on a Budget


If you’ve always thought about eating clean but your budget just will not allow it, you’re not alone. Financial restraints accommodate for the biggest reason people claim they can’t eat healthy foods. When you can get a double cheeseburger for less than you can to make a salad at home, it can be hard to justify the lettuce. However, eating clean can be the best thing you do for your body and your family. Unlike processed foods, whole, organic, and “clean” food can help you shed weight, manage medical problems, and feel better during the day. When you’re ready to take the plunge, take a look at some of the best ways to eat clean on a budget.

Eat Clean on a Budget – Skip Some Organic Foods

The first rule it seems to eating clean is to buy all organic foods. However, the price difference between organic and non-organic food can be shocking. Although there are a few foods you should always opt for buying organic (think strawberries, apples, lettuce, spinach, that sort of thing), there are a lot of foods that you don’t have to spend the extra cash on. Corn, pineapples, and avocados rarely absorb any pesticides or growing aides. Meaning, you can get away with paying for the non-organic prices.

Eat Clean on a Budget – Cook at Home When You Can

Eating a home cooked meal is always going to be more affordable than going out. Of course, you probably already knew that. It’s especially true if you’re trying to eat clean. Although there are a variety of restaurants that pride themselves on offering organic and natural ingredients, the markup on those meals is budget breaking. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on overpriced meals, learn how to make them at home. Even though it may take more time out of your day, you’ll save hundreds every year. When you’re trying to eat clean on a budget, this can be a huge financial help.

Eat Clean on a Budget – Stop Buying Prepackaged Foods

Just like going to a restaurant, frozen and prepackaged meals can make it impossible to eat clean on a budget. Although it may be more convenient to reach into the freezer for dinner at night, it’s not always the most financially responsible. Eating clean is a dedicated lifestyle, that’s why these prepackaged meals are such a markup in the grocery store. Take a look at the ingredients and try to make a modified version of your favorite meals at home. You’ll save money and you won’t be filled with all those preservatives that can jeopardize your diet and lifestyle.

Eat Clean on a Budget – Buy Some Items in Bulk

It’s a widely known fact that buying in bulk can really save a lot of money in the long run. If you’re trying to eat clean on a budget, buying some of your daily staples in bulk can really help save you money. Legumes, beans, grains, barely, and some spices can all be bought in bulk sized bags and stored for later. Unlike buying produce, these items rarely go bad and can be stored for years at a time. Not only will it help you out financially, but knowing you have these staples on hand at all times will make cooking your meals at home easier!