Everything You Need For A DIY Home Coffee Bar


Have you heard that home coffee bars are the new thing?  Well, they’re popping up all over Pinterest and home decor magazines, and have been for a while.  Now, before you stress out thinking a home coffee bar is going to cost an awful lot of money, remember, having a home coffee bar isn’t necessarily about having a $1,200 espresso machine or anything like that.  It’s just about having a nice little area with everything you and your guests need to have a good cup of coffee.

Sounds simple, right?  Well, as soon as you assemble all the necessary pieces, it really is simple.  Set aside a bit of counter space or a special table, and soon your home DIY coffee bar will be open for business!

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #1. Mug tree

Hang clean coffee mugs here for easy access.  Storing them this way is cute and functional.    It makes the space very inviting for guests, because they can help themselves to a cup of joe without looking through your cabinets to find the mugs.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #2. Stirrer sticks

These adorable wooden stirrers totally add to the whole coffee bar experience, and they save you from constantly dirtying all your spoons all the time.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #3. Sugar and creamer organization

Coffee shops always have a wide variety of sugar, artificial sweetener, and different kinds of milk and flavored creamer.  Keep them organized and looking neat with this perfectly appointed little container.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #4. Basket for cups and napkins

Having some disposable cups on hand is great for taking coffee to go, and napkins are always a necessity when you’re serving anything.  This rustic but functional basket will keep everything right within arm’s reach for you.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #5. Sugar bowl

Even if you don’t drink your coffee with sugar, guests might.  Therefore, a cute sugar bowl is an absolute must-have.  Besides, it really adds to the coffee bar look.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #6. Coffee wall art

A DIY home coffee bar is mostly about functionality, but also about aesthetics.  It has to look nice.  This tin coffee menu can hang on the wall right above your coffee bar to really tie the whole space together and designate the area.  When someone walks into your kitchen, they’ll see it an instantly know, “Ooh, that’s where I go for coffee!”

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #7. Keurig brewing system

Your coffee bar requires a coffee maker of your preference, but if you love the convenience of brewing one fresh cup at a time, whenever you want, with no clean-up, a Keurig is the perfect choice.  This one has a large water reservoir and heats up quickly for a piping hot cup of coffee that’s ready to drink in about a minute.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #8 K-Cup storage

There are hundreds of different brands and flavors available in K-Cup form, these days.  Stock up with your favorite or provide a variety, then pop the cups in this cute carousel for easing picking.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #9. Spice shakers

Just like at Starbucks where they have cocoa powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg available to sprinkle on your beverage, you can provide the same adorable level of coffee customization.  Kids who drink hot chocolate will really get a kick out of this too.

DIY Home Coffee Bar Item #10. Flavored syrup dispenser

What’s your poison?  Caramel?  Sugar free vanilla?  Almond?  Order your flavored syrups online for the widest selection and make sure you get a bottle that comes with a pump, or purchase one on your own for a no-mess coffee bar.


IMAGES: Amazon | Decoholic