Fashion on a Budget: How to Wear Your Old Clothes in a New Way


Make Your Old Clothes Look New with Layering


Who else stands in front of their closet in the morning contemplating when they can go shopping next? Stop it! Because “I have nothing to wear,” is not an excuse anymore. If you are living on a budget you need to delve into the creative mindset of how to wear what you already own in a new way.

Step One: Organize what you have.

It’s easier to create new outfits when you pull items out you haven’t seen in a while. I always feel frustrated with my closet when I see the same things over and over, and it doesn’t help when I cram in my clothes into the first space I see after I do the laundry. Take the time to do a “closet cleanse” twice a year. This will help you create a fresh mindset of everything you have, and what you are not utilizing. Blowing your bank account on new clothes is not healthy for your budget. Even worse, buying an outfit for an event that you will end up only wearing once. Your wallet will thank you when you shop from your own closet.

Step Two: Practice Pairing | Budget

Stop thinking seasonally, and try some creative layering. Think sundress with a blazer and ankle boots, or a plain white tee with a slouchy sweater and skinny jeans. That flowy blouse you always wear in fall would look great with your spring shorts and sunglasses. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Pull out that little black dress you love and try it with brand new accessories for a different look. Having trouble? Call a friend who has great fashion sense. Have her put together five different outfits using items in your closet.

Step Three: Think About Your Event

Buying a new outfit every time you have a special event coming up is a sure way to break the bank. This is a great opportunity to scrummage through those old dresses you bought for special events and only wore one time. Do you have some light sewing experience? If you don’t, maybe your mom, aunt, or a friend could help you out. It is incredible easy to change up a dress by getting out the scissors and making a new hem length, adding a colorful zipper, or changing the look of the sleeves. If you were never going to wear it again, it is worth a try! In addition, you will have a totally unique dress that no one else will have.

Step Four: Accessorize!

You can make an everyday outfit look completely different with jewelry, scarves, belts, and shoes that you already have. If you own some of the basic essentials you can re-wear them many times and still be a trendy fashionista. Take the basic white blouse, for example. Wear it buttoned with a silver chain and black trousers; wear it unbuttoned with a bright colored tank, a statement necklace and skinny jeans; wear it half-buttoned with a bold scarf and a skirt. Practice accessorizing so that you will look and feel different in your basic essentials.

Step Five: Own it.

You are your own worst enemy. Confidence looks great on everyone! You certainly feel your best when you know you look great. You can’t be a fashionista on a budget without owning your look. You know you got it girl; flaunt it! You will feel even better knowing you saved yourself some cold, hard cash.

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