Fun Gifts For The Wine Enthusiast


Call me a wine lover, zealot, nut, fanatic, devotee, aficionado or connoisseur. Any way you say it, it all means that I love wine. I think that during my retired years, I will become a Sommelier and help others understand why wine is so fabulous!

Wine can be complicated when you factor in the types of grapes, food pairings like what wine goes with chicken chili, geographic regions, serving in the appropriate glasses, and drinking at the right temperature. Wine does not have to be complicated at all if you just want to buy different varieties and try them out to see if they pleasure your palette!

gifts for the wine enthusiast

If you are looking for great gift ideas for your wine drinking friends or family members, then here are a few options for you besides the obvious bottle of wine. If you decide to give a bottle of wine, then take a peek at these red wines for under $20.

Great Gifts for The Wine Enthusiast

Wine Bottle Candelabras will delight every wine enthusiast because they will get to keep those bottles with the cool labels that are hard to throw away and display them for everyone to see. See the assortment of candelabras at FRONTGATE.

Wine Charms – For those holiday parties, keeping track of your wine glass can sometimes be hard, but not with the help of some adorable charms that will let you know whose glass is whose. See the Wine Cellar Charms at the Wine Enthusiast.

Wine Stoppers –  Keep your wine tasting great with a fanciful wine stopper. The Blitzen Bottle Stopper is sure to delight every wine enthusiast or try a more elegant style from Williams Sonoma.

Wine Bottle Holders – The Chain Wine Bottle Holder is one of the most original wine holders I have seen. The Rooster Wine Caddy from FRONTGATE will surely be a topic of discussion. The Stiletto Wine Bottle Holder  will please the hard to buy for wine enthusiast. For those that like to spend time outdoors, check out the Steady Sticks Outdoor Wine Bottle with Glass Holders.

Wine Totes – The wine enthusiast will love the Personalized Weekend Wine Bag from Wine Enthusiast. It is an excellent way to take your enthusiasm with you. It carries up to six bottles of wine and includes a chiller pack to keep the bottles cool. For a picnic, romantic getaway or outdoor concert, try the Sunset Wine Tote from Uncommon Goods.

gifts for the wine enthusiast

Wine Openers – There are several choices for openers including an automatic or electric corkscrew wine opener, a lever wine opener or a handheld corkscrew opener. This choice is strictly by preference, but most wine enthusiasts will love whatever you give them that will get the wine flowing! Check out the Stress Less Automatic Corkscrew . Also, the Vinturi Winged Corkscrew Wine Opener found at Williams Sonoma.

Wine Thermometers – Wines must be served at recommended temperatures. So, for easy readings, check out the Vacu Vin ® Snap Wine Thermometer at Crate and Barrel or the Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer found on Amazon.

Cork Catchers – Most wine enthusiasts that I know like to keep the corks. Maybe, to make future craft projects with or to highlight the amount of wine that they have consumed as an aficionado! If you are looking for a place to display the corks, then check out the Holiday Ornament Cork Catcher or Wine Glass Cork Catcher Accent Table.

gifts for the wine enthusiast

Seeking to make a trivet? Buy the Wine Cork Trivet  Set. Perhaps, make a Wine Cork Board. You would be surprised at how many things you can create with wine corks!

There are so many fun, unique ideas for gifts for the wine enthusiast, and they will love them all! As wine connoisseurs, it is about trying new things and enjoying the experience!