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There is more to living the good life on a budget than finding great deals. Living a good life also involves finding time to enjoy doing what you love and even finding ways to make unpleasant chores enjoyable. As a small business owner and mom, sometimes my task list seems endless. Whether its work, taking care of the house, or the carpool I long for days when I had long stretches of time to read a good book or even time to devote to business reading.

My favorite time-saving solution is the Audible app on my phone. A great book flowing right into my ears makes cleaning out the gutters and raking leaves fly by. For a long time, my Audible solution was limited to pleasure reading. Diving into Girl on the Train made dinner party clean-up something I actually looked forward to. Similarly, Before The Fall made a long road trip zip by.  Audible’s unmatched selection of audiobooks makes finding the perfect book to fit my mood and the chore a breeze.

Just recently, I considered how my Audible membership might make me more efficient at work. First, I started by selecting a complimentary audio version of the weekday edition of the Wall Street Journal that came with my membership. Rather than trying to carve out time to read the paper, now I listen on my way to work. Next, I delved into reading some of the business books that were perpetually at the bottom of my to-do list. Recently I was feeling discouraged and wanted some startup advice along with a dose of inspiration. I was lucky enough to find The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage.

When I select a non-fiction audiobook, particularly one with business advice I always make sure the reader is engaging and the topic is relatable. The Power of Broke fit that bill perfectly. Daymond John is Co-star of ABC’s Shark Tank, a best-selling author, a pioneer in the fashion industry. He fills us in on has path to success and how he grew his business with a starting budget of forty dollars. Joining Daymond John in narration is Sway Calloway, who  you might recognize as a rapper, MTV reporter, and radio host. I loved listening to John’s experience, growth, and advice about the importance of staying hungry as a tool for success.

Whether you are looking for a best-selling mystery, a literary classic or a business title like the Power of Broke why not try Audbile free today? Kickoff your 30-day trial with a free download of your choice. Pick your first book from Audible’s unmatched selection of titles. Then download the free app and you’ll be good to go your membership will include 1 audiobook each month, PLUS 30% off additional books.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible . The opinions and text are all mine.