Great Gifts That Are Worth Every Penny


Apparently, this Christmas, Nordstroms is selling a rock inside a leather pouch for $85. Its being billed as a paperweight or a conversation starter. Wow. There are so many levels of wrong with that gift. Even if I had 15 homes I think I’d be tempted to return that for something else. Here are some great gifts we found on Amazon that won’t bust your budget, will be appreciated, and are just a few clicks away.

For  The Home Chef:

Braun Multiquick Hand Blender I use this all the time from soups and stews to baked goods. I just LOVE that it is so easy to clean.

Global 8 inch Chef’s Knife Simply the best knife ever. It might seem expensive but you will actively pick your Global knife over any other in your kitchen.

For the Techie:

Echo Dot I scoffed at the echo at first but after hearing raves from my friends and seeing it in action I had to try it now that it is smaller and less expensive. LOVE IT. especially since it can  work on its own as a smart alarm clock in the bedroom, an assistant in the kitchen, or anywhere you might want a voice-controlled computer. 

For the DIY Deamon:

Dewalt Headlamp I got mine for camping but use it for loads of work around the house and even when I am finisihing up knitting projects. I love the two beam settings and the ability to angle the light. It’s so useful in so many situations this may very well be a stocking stuffer for everyone on my list this year.

For Family Night:

Jenga Fun for any age!

Clue Classic Edition

A great logic game for the whole family. You’ll relish saying Ms. Scarlett in the Conservatory with a Knife!

The Coffee Lover:

Contigo Snap Seal Coffee Mug However you take your coffee spillproofing your cup is a win. I love how warm my Contigo cups keep my coffee and how clean they keep my car!


Hope these ideas help make shopping less stressful. Happy Holidays!