Holiday Shopping Strategies – The Final Countdown


Christmas is right around the corner. We are only a few days out so it’s time to start thinking strategically and performing triage in some cases. Even if you think you are done with your shopping you may want to take advantage of holiday sales to get a jump on next year. I know it sounds crazy, but if you can set yourself up for an easier holiday next year with some forward thinking now.


Stores want their product to MOVE before January especially the holiday stuff. You can take advantage of that now or just after the holidays. If you have family that you won’t be seeing until later why not hold off on buying until you can take advantage of sales. I like to streamline¬†my list and find one great thing to give as hostess gifts and stocking stuffers.

This year, it’s these two crazy light up bottle stoppers from Sur La Table. I got them on sale and bought enough to qualify for free shipping. The light-up trees will be for this years gifts and the light up¬†bulbs will be for next year. As long as I can remember where I store them I’ve got a jump on next year.


Does it matter if some folks get their presents after Christmas? Consider it. Some parents may actually enjoy spreading the gift giving extravaganza out. Unless you’ll see one another over the holidays the kids probably won’t notice and may even enjoy your gifts if its the only gift they got in a day instead of lost in the shuffle on the day everyone else is exchanging.

Out of ideas for Uncle Larry and Cousin Sue? Get them the same thing! Heck, get everyone the same thing. Pick a great coffee table book or cd that would be hard for anyone to dislike. Here are three easy picks you can grab on Amazon that will arrive at your doorstep by the 25th.

Atlas Obsura Simply Christmas Other Wordly

If all else fails. Gift cards. I recently read an article there people overwhenlmingly prefer to pick out their own gifts. What better way to get what you want than to buy exactly what you want.