How To Create A Salon Experience At Home


Whether you want to give yourself a day of pampering at home or you’re trying to make your hair feel salon-fresh every single day, there are tons of products on the market that can help.  Part of the getting salon experience at home is feeling pampered but perhaps the best part of it is the confidence boost you get from knowing that your hair looks like a million bucks.

Well, with a few specialty items, you can make your hair look and feel like everyday is salon day.  Go ahead and treat yourself.  You deserve it!

These are my top picks for equipment and products that will make you look like you went to hair salon all while staying at home.

Standing Hair Dryer

Reasonably priced and high quality this standing dryer is our top pick. Gentle heat allows you to set your hair and do treatments while keeping your hands free to read a book, work or use your phone.

 Argan oil hair mask

Dry and damaged hair stands no chance against the moisturizing, nourishing effects of argan oil.  Spend some time at home with this hair mask and when you rinse it out, you’ll feel like a model in a shampoo commercial. Especially if you can combine it with a heat treatment with a standing dryer like the one above.

 Heat protection spray

With the right styling tools, damage from heat can be reduced, but it also helps to use a protectant on your hair.  This spray builds a barrier on the outside of the hair follicle to keep from frying those strands with your flat iron or hair dryer.

Ceramic flat iron

Ceramic plates are a must-have for any flat iron because they heat more evenly and reduce damage to the hair.  Use a straightener on already dried hair for silky smooth results.

CHI blow dryer

Blow dryers are more than just machines that propel hot air.  Technological advances have made these things into full-fledged smart devices, like this one which has a touch screen that allows you to customize the air temperature and flow.  You’ll minimize drying time and breakage.

Salon Experience at Home
Salon Experience at Home

 Deep conditioner

When your hair needs a little more TLC than your daily conditioner provides, go for a deep conditioning treatment.  Revitalize your hair with this formula, chock full of antioxidants and vitamins. I like to put mine in and then do my nails or pluck my eyebrows. When I can do it I also amp things up and sit under my standing dryer to add some heat to my treatment.

 Boar bristle brush

They say boar bristles make the best hair brushes because they’re gentle enough not to break the hair and are very effective at distributing the hair’s natural oils. My hair dresser once lost his mind when I said I brush with one when my hair is wet but for my hair it works best.

Ceramic curling wand

Curling wands without the thumb-activated flipper have become increasingly popular because they allow you to use your (gloved) hand to customize your style and get the curls exactly the way you want them.  As always, make sure you get one that’s ceramic to protect your locks.

 Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioner is a godsend because it tames frizzy hair and helps your hair look luscious and well-styled without the weight of hairspray or gel. For me it is a necessity for combing or brushing my wet hair.

Parissa Wax Strips

I don’t know about you but if I’m at a full service salon I like to get a touch up. If I’m recreating the salon experience at home I want to be able to do the same with these wax strips.


UV Nail Dryer for Gel Polish

What salon experience at home would be complete without a manicure. Gel nail polish stays on longer and for me goes on better none of that works without a good nail dryer to help cure and dry my nails.


What else belongs on this list? Let me know in the comments!