Landscaping Your Front Yard On A Budget


Landscaping your front yard on a budget doesn’t have to mean sparse and cheap. You will, however, need patience and a plan. The main reason to landscape your front yard is to give your home ‘curb appeal’.  It is easy to tell the homes that are well taken care of versus the ones that aren’t just by looking at them from the curb.

If you are hoping for one of those marvelous makeovers in just a few days, created by many of the home and garden TV shows, then you can rid yourself of that idea right now. Those shows typically have a large crew of 60 or more people working around the clock to pull that off, and unfortunately, that is not going to be the case for someone looking to landscape on a budget.

DIY Landscaping Pays Off

The great news for you is that if you work within a budget and do most of the landscaping on your own, you will not only save lots of money but you will get some heart healthy exercise in the process!

Landscaping your front yard on a budget brings several economic and environmental benefits. It is a chief aesthetic and economic factor for you as a homeowner. Not only while you live there, but it becomes an important selling point if you decide to put it up for sale.

Researchers at Money Magazine say that landscaping is one of the top home improvements you can make. The recovery value can be as much as 100 to 200%. Large ticket purchases such as trees, shrubs, and other landscaping elements appreciate in value over time.

Tips For Landscaping Your Front Yard On A Budget

Have A Plan

Think about what you need and what you want. Figure out what your budget will be and stick to it. Ask yourself questions such as:  Are you wanting to improve your existing landscape or are you having to start from scratch? You may want to go and stand on the curb or drive by in your car to get a perspective on the overall ‘curb appeal’.

Are you landscaping the entire front yard or one small area? How much maintenance will the new landscaping require? Are you installing a few beds with edging? Answering these questions will help you figure out which materials and plants you’ll need and will help you prioritize your spending.

Make Small Improvements To Your Existing Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping your front yard on a budget, this is probably the most efficient way to get a new look without spending too much money. Take a photo of your front yard, and as you look at the photos, ask yourself the following questions.

Which part looks the best, and which part looks the worst?  Observe the worst parts and make a list of priorities. Is the grass dead? Is your yard full of weeds? Is your mulch sufficient?

Are the flowerbeds neatly edged or in need of repair? Are trees and shrubs trimmed or are they overgrown? Your money may be better spent sprucing up your current landscaping rather than buying additional plants.

Choose Plants That Give You More Bang For Your Buck

Opt for a variety of beautiful, hardy perennials  that you can plant or start from bulbs or clippings. Annuals can be costly, and they require replacement every year.

A boxwood hedge is an excellent choice that provides clean lines and low maintenance. Knockout roses have bright colored flowers, are practically maintenance free, and you can plant them almost anywhere in the yard. Click here for more great perennial choices.

New Garden Design. Small Backyard Garden Closeup Photo.
New Garden Design. Small Backyard Garden Closeup Photo.

Think about the width and height of the plants as the bigger the plant, the less you will have to plant. Try to purchase Native plants as they tend to require less maintenance, are more durable, and resist bugs and diseases in the region.

Ask some of your friends or neighbors if you can divide their existing plants and root new ones. Hosta and irises are great choices, and you can get your front yard landscaping started for free.

You can buy a packet of seeds for just a few dollars, and you may potentially get 30-40 plants in each seed packet. Remember, that if you plant seeds, it will take longer. This more extended growth period requires more patience on your part, but remember, you are landscaping your front yard on a budget!

budget landscapingPatience Is The Key – Time your purchases so that you don’t have to install everything at once. Avoid buying mature plants in larger pots as they can cost up to three times as much. Considering buying young plants in small pots.

Also, don’t forget to factor in maintenance costs as part of your budget. Before you purchase plants that require regular care, decide whether or not you have the time or money to care for them.

Landscaping can be very expensive, but if you make a little time to plan, set a budget, and have the patience to enjoy the process, then you can have the yard that others will envy without spending a fortune. Landscaping your front yard on a budget will give your house that ‘curb appeal’ you’ve always dreamed of.