The Best Air Mattress for Any Budget


You simply cannot underestimate the value of a good air mattress. Pick from this roundup and you’ll be sure to find the best air mattress and never wake up on a deflated pile of plastic again. Your new air mattress will come in handy when you’re having guests stay over, when you are staying at someone’s house, when you’re camping, moving, or have kids who insist on sleeping in your room during thunderstorms.  Every house should have at least one.

Here are just a few fine options for when it comes time to choose an air mattress.

The Best Air Mattress for Any Budget:  Intex Queen Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

Who says sleeping on an air mattress can’t be luxurious?  This queen-size mattress inflates to a heigh of 22-inches, which means you or your guests will be sleeping on a cloud of comfort.  Enjoy.


The Best Air Mattress for Any Budget: AeroBed Raised Headboard Air Mattress

An air mattress has to be comfortable, but there’s nothing wrong with having one that looks good too.  This bad boy comes with a built in headboard which allows support for sitting up in bed to read.  It also keeps pillows from slipping behind the mattress while you sleep.


The Best Air Mattress for Any Budget: Twin Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

Here’s a great option for the budget-conscious shopper, and for those with limited space.  This twin-sized air mattress comes with a built in air pump for easy and fast inflation.  when you need to put it away, it deflates in under three minutes for quick storage, so it will never be in your way.

The Best Air Mattress for Any Budget Serta Raised Queen Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

Is there anything worse than an air mattress that slowly deflates in the night?  Not a problem with this mattress.  Let the pump do the work for you.  That’s right, this air mattress comes complete with a second pump that silently maintains the air pressure all night long.

The Best Air Mattress for Any Budget Fox Air Beds High Rise Air Mattress with Premium Gel Memory Foam

The best night’s sleep you might ever get just could take place on an air mattress.  This particular air mattress is top rated for comfort, and it’s easy to understand why.  With a gel topper and two memory foam pillows included, get ready to inflate and then relax and get some shut-eye.



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