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I love to read. I recall a time when I would spend weekends relaxing with great books. I would read at the beach, at night before bed. However, as work and life started getting busier and busier books started piling up on my bedside table unread. After having a baby that pile startedaudible getting precariously tall. It became a towering pile of popular fiction, classics, mysteries, and sci-fi. The bulk of these books wasn’t the issue. I simply had no time for them. I needed to get stuff done. While I wanted to read them all, my life was getting in the way.

51GjIrrdsQL._SL300_Amazingly my cell phone and the wonderful people at Audible have helped me steal back all that lost time for books. I never considered reading to be something I could multitask, however, great narratives piped through my earbuds have saved my sanity while nursing, folding laundry, during my evening commutes and workouts. Instead of dreading dinner prep or loading the dishwasher, I look forward to finding out what happens next in the latest Steven King or laughing until tears are in my eyes while listening to David Sedaris.  Road trips have become and opportunity for the whole family to get lost in Neil Gaiman’s fantastical worlds once we plug in the phone in and start the Audible app.

Audible has even helped me through occasional bouts of  insomnia. When my mind is racing I’ll set the in-app timer for 15 or 30 minutes and slip in my earbuds in. It is a bit like having a parent read you to sleep as a child.

With well over 300 audiobooks in my Audible Library, I’ve done deep dives on favorite authors and raced through many series.  Some series I’m still waiting on the authors for the next installment. (George RR Martin I’m looking at you.) I’ve become acquainted with amazing readers like Campbell Scott. The reading by Ron Perlman made City of Thieves come to life.  Books by Jane Austen are like comfort food. Sometimes I need to fall into the welcoming arms of Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy. After reading them years ago, I’ve taken the opportunity to listen to them time and again.

Until just recently, the only thing I felt that was missing from my Audible experience was 51OWsRcy0UL._SL300_the ability to share some of my favorite books. Even though some of my best friends and I would exchange the names of books we love from time to time,  we couldn’t pass them to one another. If a description didn’t quite jibe with a friend she might never buy it and would miss out on something I was sure she’d love. Fortunately, Audible recently introduced instant book recommendations. This new recommendation sharing feature allows listeners to give any audiobook they own in their Audible Library to others instantly via e-mail, text, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, using their iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. Each recipient gets their first title through the program for free. I love knowing that the minute I finish something I think is particularly specula, I can shoot out my recommendation with the tap of my finger.

61VrXXqyR-L._SL300_This spring I finished up a knitting project and tackled a particularly odious spring cleaning project while immersed in The Martian. It was such an instant favorite I had a hard time tearing myself away. It has a propelling plot. But I have two friends who have been stubbornly resistant to this particular recommendation. Perhaps they have been scared away by the hint of sci-fi? Audible’s instant book recommendation is the perfect solution for these holdouts. Once they start listening I know they won’t be able to stop until they find out what happens to Mark Watney.

As you can tell I am a huge Audible fan. I’d like to thank Audible for sponsoring this post and inspiring me to share my Audible experience.  If you haven’t tried Audible yet I urge you to give it a shot. Audible makes it super easy with a 30-day trial and a free download. What’s to loose? You get to banish the drudgery from your list of chores and enjoy a great book for free. Once try it  please come back and share your book recommendations in the comments!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.