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How To Create A Salon Experience At Home

Salon Experience at Home
Whether you want to give yourself a day of pampering at home or you're trying to make your hair feel salon-fresh every single day, there are tons of products on the market that can help.  Part of the getting salon experience at home is feeling pampered but perhaps the best part of it is the confidence boost you get...

Sweat-Proof: Make-Up, Lotions, And Hair Products

When the temperature starts climbing, it's hard to doll yourself up and then step outside without feeling like a drippy, smeared snowman melting into the ground.  Moisture from perspiration just doesn't mix well with the cosmetics you've so carefully applied to our face and body.But fear not!  Plenty of brands have wised up and started catering to those concerns....

11 Great Beauty Tips with Budget Plan

11 Great Beauty Tips
11 Great Beauty TipsEverywhere you turn, you see ads for brand name clothes, cosmetics, and beauty products.  In the ads, they try to convince you that in order to get perfect hair or a radiant complexion, all you have to do is buy their product.  Product certainly helps, but don't let the big, expensive companies trick you into thinking...

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