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Which Parts of the Home Are Most Valuable To Renovate?

Most families don't start thinking about renovations until they're personally tired of how the guest bathroom looks or how hard it is to clean the kitchen floor. While it's definitely fine to replace carpeting or hire a tile installer just because you're ready for a new look, you can get more out of the renovation by considering how much...

Kick Your Mortgage to the Curb with an Income Property

cheap home renovation ideas
Even the most outdated and broken down home can have great bones. As my husband and I started our house hunting process, no statement was more true. Most new home buyers are only looking for homes that are already completed with the granite countertops and shiny fixtures. After focusing on those qualities and getting nowhere, we started watching Income...

6 Cheap Home Renovation Ideas

cheap home renovation ideas
We all like to spruce up our homes every now and again. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or new curtains, it’s nice to have new things in your home. For some people that’s enough when it comes to home renovations. For others, doing over a bathroom or another room will do the trick. Whatever the project, you...

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