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Finding Financial Confidence by Paying Off Debt

*This is a sponsored post by Sun Trust Bank; all opinions are my own. Debt. We all have it. Some of us have more of it than others. Regardless, paying it off is something we all have to do. When you’re a recent college graduate, much of that debt comes in the form of student loans. While you’re still busy...

10 Reasons Why are you Not Rich Yet

10 Reasons Why are you Not Rich Yet
 10 Reasons With new data suggesting that wealth inequality is both steadily increasing and worse now than at any time during the Great Depression, you might be wondering why you can't get your share of an increasingly stratified economic pie. The super-rich aren't special. They're not necessarily any better at their jobs than the rest of us, and even billionaire...

Starting Over: Ending the Cycle of Debt

 Starting Over: Ending the Cycle of Debt Becoming both financially stable and financially independent are two things many of us dream about but find difficult to put into action. There’s always something which we seem to be paying off and as a result we never seem to be escaping from the jungle of student debt, mortgage payments, credit and store...

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