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Landscaping Your Front Yard On A Budget

landscaping your front yard on a budget
Landscaping your front yard on a budget doesn’t have to mean sparse and cheap. You will, however, need patience and a plan. The main reason to landscape your front yard is to give your home ‘curb appeal’.  It is easy to tell the homes that are well taken care of versus the ones that aren't just by looking at...

Amazing Flower Gardens On A Budget

flower gardens on a budget
You can create beautiful flower gardens on a budget, but it will require you to have some time and patience. Everyone should have flowers in their landscape. They are colorful, calming, and they add warmth and charm to their surroundings. For a spring gardening checklist, click here.Flowers can be fragrant, attract butterflies, and can be cut and brought inside...

Peony Season In Paris

Peony Season In Paris - Project Eve Money
Peony flowers remind me of my childhood and playing in my grandmother’s perennial flower garden. The big white flowers were always one of my favorite, and I can still remember the sweet smell as I bent over to inhale their lovely fragrance again and again.My grandmother had a clear vase on her formal dining room table, and she always had...

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