Travel Tips for Packing Light


You have your tickets. You bought some new clothes. Now you just need to pack. The only problem is you don’t have a lot of space and don’t want to pay those annoying baggage fees. Whether you’re travelling to Europe or somewhere in the U.S., travel tips for packing are essential.

Travel Tips for Packing #1: Don’t Pack Everything on Your Bathroom Sink

Be picky when it comes to toiletries. You don’t need every soap and lotion. Take advantage of hotel amenities. Use the shampoo and conditioner there. For the items you are bringing along, don’t forget the TSA guidelines when it comes to bottles. This will definitely help you pack lighter.

Travel Tips for Packing #2: Wear the Heaviest Items…In Moderation


travel tips for packing
Wear jeans and heavier items

Jeans take up more room in a suitcase than shorts. Sneakers are bigger than sandals. This is why you want to wear the heaviest items while travelling. Of course, take this tip in moderation. You don’t want to wear five layers and be miserable. But when it comes to travel tips for packing, you may want to consider wearing the heaviest items when you’re on the move.

Travel Tips for Packing #3: Fold & Roll

Many people get the most space in their suitcase by first folding then rolling their clothes. You can pack clothes more compactly this way. You just have to be aware of the wrinkle-factor. Most hotels have irons. As long as you don’t mind ironing a bit, this is a great way to maximize your space.

Travel Tips for Packing #4: Pack More Shirts Than Pants

You can probably get more wear out of a pair of pants than a shirt. So, you don’t have to pack as many pants. One of the travel tips for packing you should follow is packing more shirts than pants. Of course, you’ll want to mix and match so you have pants that go with more than one shirt. This will cut down on space in your luggage.

Travel Tips for Packing #5: If the Shoe Fits Don’t Pack Them All

travel tips for packing
Don’t pack all the shoes


Just because you may have a pair of shoes to go with every outfit doesn’t mean you have to pack them all. Limit yourself to one dressy and one casual pair. If possible, wear sneakers on the plane. This way you have your walking shoes taken care of already.

When you’re looking for travel tips for packing, remember to just keep it simple. Pack basic clothes. Pack outfits that can be casual or dressed up. Remember most places have laundry facilities too. This will help to cut down on just how many different outfits you decide to bring. Don’t make packing harder than it has to be! Bon Voyage!