Ways to Avoid the Frizz Out Look this the Summer


Brazilian hair straightening. The technique relaxes hair by using a protein-filled solution on hair, then applying a hot iron to it. It’s a little controversial, though, because the solution includes formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Every spring I consider my alternatives –  hair like  I stuck my finger in an electric socket vs. smooth, silky hair with a side of carcinogen. As an aside, I have been getting Botox since it was pre-FDA approved so I might be a bit more loosey-goosey than most.

This weekend I went in for my my 6th Brazilian straightening. Yes 6th. I typically get it done once a year to minimize my exposure to the formaldehyde. I have found I also don’t really need the treatment in the dead of winter. Net, net, I hate the smell. I hate the fact that I looked like a greased pig for flat hair for 4 DAYS. It’s true that you can’t wash the treatment out although I have been known to cheat and wet my bangs and blow them dry. I hate the annoying no this that and the other thing shampoo. BUT…wait for it…I love my hair.

ps. There is no way around the formaldehyde and the 4-day thing. The 24-hour formaldehyde-free formula does not work. If you are going to do it you have to be all-in.

As a girl who has avoided pools all her life this treatment has been a game changer. I now don’t have a bad hair day. EVER. EVEN IN THE RAIN.

My hair is made of teflon. I have colored my hair for years and I used to color and chemically straighten my hair with the super bad stuff they used in Great Neck in the mid-90’s. I also ironed my hair with an actual iron. Not terrific. I don’t have to do that anymore. Thank God.

Cost-wise, I booked the treatment on lifebooker and saved 50%(seriously it was about $160) in NYC. I typically go to le salon east because it is convenient but there are a ton of places that do it.

Next time you think you have to suffer this summer with an afro just remember that chic, sleek locks are only a click away. For $160 bucks you can’t beat the peace of mind.