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When was the last time you thought about your energy bill? I don’t think I’ve thought about mine for years. Would it surprise you to know you might have the option to choose a different rate plan and pay a lot less than you are now? I had no idea there was an option to be on a plan other than the one I was on.

Frankly, I haven’t thought about my how much my family has been spending on energy in years. When I had my first born, someone was home all day, the dishwasher was running once a day, and we started doing laundry round the clock. Our bill went way up. Once we got that under control and the kids headed off to school, I haven’t thought about it much. But just recently, my husband realized we were paying a ridiculous amount in annual fees for one of our credit cards. After we fixed that situation, I started looking at all our other bills to see if we could find ways to save.

Of all the bills I evaluated, PG&E made it the easiest for me to figure out my options. I logged in and right there on the front page was a button I could click to see if I was on the right plan.

In less than a second or two, I learned we could switch plans and save a bit each month. PG&E’s rate comparison tool gives personalized recommendations on what rate plan a customer should be on based on their actual energy use! As we learned with that credit card fee, that adds up over time. PG&E estimates we could save $30 each year. If I multiply that by the number of years it’s been since I thought about our bill a great night out would pay for itself!

While I was on the PG&E website I looked around and found out I could do a Home Energy Checkup. More potential ways to save! I clicked immediately.  I answered some really basic questions about our family and our lifestyle.

Then I answered just few more questions about our house.

In no time I had a full breakdown on our energy use as well as a whole list of things we could do to make our home more energy efficient. Yay, more ways we might be able to save on our electric bill! Check out the easy to read pie chart below.

I was pretty surprised that so much of our energy use goes to electrical appliances. The tips PG&E offered about using power strips and switching to some ENERGY STAR® appliances were totally on point.

Life is hectic. I love knowing that PG&E offers me ways I can make it easier and save money.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PG&E. The opinions and text are all mine.